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The Phrog software

Designed by Dr. Chad Penn at the Oklahoma State University, the Phrog software on this site aids users in the proper design of a P removal structure for a given site, or to predict the performance and lifetime of a constructed filter.

This software is the incorporates patented technology. Access is available through licensing by Oklahoma State University.


Dr. Chad Penn

Dr. Penn is an Associate Professor at Oklahoma State University and  has been working on various aspects of Phosphorous removal for his entire academic career.  With data collected under his supervision by members of his Soil and Environmental Chemistry research program, Dr. Penn developed a model that is at the core of the Phrog software as well as the Phrog Software itself.

If you are interested in or have questions about accessing/licensing the Phrog software, please contact Chad Penn (chad.penn001@gmail.com).


Stuart Wilson 

Stuart was lead technician of Dr. Penn’s Soil and Environmental Chemistry research program and was instrumental in the design and construction of the P removal structure in Westville, OK, as well as being one of two principal programers of the Phrog software (along with James Bowen).

Currently, Mr. Wilson is President of TLDR Consulting, which specializes in assisting with the design and construction of P removal structures.  As well as managing the Phrog software and the phrog.okstate.edu website.


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